Signs your ex is Hoovering you

This is not a post about a vacuum cleaner, but instead, another dating trend where your ex that has a personality disorder tries to suck you back into a toxic relationship after a period of separation.

After you have licked your wounds, gotten up and garnered enough strength to get back up again your ex-creeps back into your life.

Here are the signs he is Hoovering you:

  • You receive a Facebook message as long as Atlas Shrugged with an apology
  • He shows up at your apartment, office, or finds you out at a lounge and says “I want to marry you, I only ever wanted to be with you. You’re the love of my life, my soul mate.”
  • They will ignore your protesting to stop coming back into your life
  • Shower you with lavish unexpected gifts
  • Indirect reach outs to your friends, family members, or coworkers asking them to speak to you about getting back together because he “loves you” so much
  • Faking an illness so that you can come to their rescue
  • Baiting you with drama
  • They use a special occasion to contact you
  • Contacts you via social media to praise you
  • You will get accused of a minor incident just to get your attention

The problem with a Hoover is that they are playing these mind games for their self-serving needs.  It’s not about you; it’s about their sick game to gain power and control of you and your emotions.  Once you give into their madness, they fill themselves up with a false sense of empowerment.

Your best bet is to ignore them at all cost.  Otherwise, you will end up on a carousel full of broken relationship dreams.

Sending healthy relationship vibes your way! 💋

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