To be, or NOT to be in contact with your ex while your in a new relationship

They are ex’s for a reason. Your former mate serves as an example of what not to repeat.

However, there are exceptions such as co-parenting, if you own a business together; real estate or they were your BFF more than a lover, but limited contact.

Who is more likely to stay in touch with an ex?

People that are less satisfied with their current relationship, so they have an ex as back up for sex, or emotional support.
The more serious the status of a current relationship (e.g., married or nearly engaged vs. dating), the less likely you are to have contact with an ex.

Individuals that have not fully healed from the breakup. Their feelings have not dissipated for the ex, and they have not been able to move on emotionally. Also, some are more likely to stay in touch with exes if they felt that the breakup was more positive—characterized by understanding and a lack of mean, nasty behavior.

Should you keep in touch with your ex?

The answer isn’t a simple yes or no. You should think about your motives for wanting to maintain contact. Keep in mind that it stunts the growth and intimacy for your current relationship as long as you continue contact with an ex.

Research has shown that reminders of your ex can keep you attached to that person and make it more difficult to get over them.

I believe that it ruins the fabric and harmony of your present relationship. How can you build a future when you have not buried your past?

Sending healthy love vibes! 💋

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  1. Jes

    After a brake up some people tend to keep in touch with exes out of guilt ( if one was dishonest and gutted the other person)( not one wants the blame for hurting others), for insecurity ( the Just in case fear mind set)( just in case nothing better comes along), as emotional couch( if not ones is around)(having the feeling that a person still cares for you can be confortin), as a botty call( maybe one day if not ones is around the ex can provide much needed sex), insecurity ( attention sicking, validation, admiration, ego boost), favors) to get things from the other: money can be one, and simply knowing that that person it still there. Usually, one of the two has a hiding agenda that the other is not aware of. I think in the majority of cases having a friendship with an ex is pretty much pointless. For the most, is just a matter of time before the negative consequences of the friendship emerge or that the friendship enevitably die. If the former couple doesn’t have strong reasons that required a friendship such as; kids, business and other investable responsibilities, keeping in touch can do more harm than good. especially if one person is in a comited relationship. Contact with exes rarely leads to anything positive and it can indeed hinder present/future progress in current relationships. Exes are exes. They aren’t our family or dear friends. We were doing just fine before thier aparence in our lifes. In my opinion, the best things is to move on, respect/honor our current partner, and more importantly, our selfs 🙂

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