It’s not you it’s your profile pics 

Recently I was sitting down with my girlfriend looking at her online dating apps.  We could not believe the pictures men have posted.

Gentleman please do not post the following pics:

  • No pictures with your mom, bubby, nana, sister, nephew, nieces, dogs, cats, iguanas, or a tiger, PERIOD. Don’t pander to women thinking we will melt over you with a handful of newborn pugs. We are smarter than that and it does not make you look any cuter, sensitive, or sweeter. If your intentions are good we will see it through a simple picture.
  • Don’t show pictures of yourself in your home at all, ever, especially in your bachelor pad kitchen while you are cooking, on the couch with your video game bros, or in the bathroom showing your 6 pack with all your toiletries.
  • Dont post a picture in a baseball hat, ski helmut, motorcycle helmut, or fishing hat, she knows your hair-line is not where you want it to be, or she assumes you are bald. Be yourself and show your head. 
  • Lying about your age, ok, guys there’s an app called How  We will see your real age whether you like it, or not. Don’t lie and say you are 40 when you really are pushing hard 53.
  • Don’t post a picture with a hot guy friend.  It’s a total downer to see you are not the “hot one.” 
  •  Don’t crop ex’s, or any girl out of a photo.  Use a picture of you alone.  Women are territorial.  We don’t want to see another woman next to you even if you are volunteering for your favorite charity.
  • Do not post a picture in an exotic car if it’s not yours.  It’s a bad look.  Even if you own one, don’t do it because we think you are cheesy.  

Hope this helps out many of you gentleman in your pursuit of finding “the one girl” that makes your heart sing.



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