Say goodbye to buying expensive razor blades 

Ever notice how expensive razor blades are lately?  It’s ridiculous.  In NY drugstores they have them locked up in plastic cases as if they are harmful drugs.

Introducing the Razorpit to the rescue!

This little blade sharpner is such a huge savings.

Using simple and patented technology Razorpit cleans and sharpens your razor blades, making them last on an average 6 times longer.

Razorpit allows up to 150 shaves with one razor blade.  The average amount is 60 shaves from one blade when using Razorpit. On the financial side it means huge savings.

The razor blade manufacturers want you to think that your razor blade is dull. But that is far from the truth, in fact they are just dirty. RazorPit rubs this microscopic dirt of the edge of the blade and leaves a sharp edge for a comfortable shave.

It’s available on for a cool $24.99.

Happy shaving!

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