Tech Day Sunday – Porn firm wants men to strap on headsets to spice up romps with their wives, huh?

Yes, it’s here VR headsets could be the future of spicing things up in the bedroom as opposed to the usual sex toys.

Men can put the headsets on during sex and their partners will be transformed into a simulated porn star – giving them the illusion of being unfaithful.

Having your wife on top of you while seeing her as one of the most amazing porn stars on VR Bangers during real-time erotic activities gives you all the thrills of being with another woman, the spokesperson said.

Founded 2 years ago, VR Bangers aims to create fantasy porn by using the latest developments in virtual reality technology.

Since porn is so big amongst males the technology and videos are being developed for mostly men for now, but there are other companies creating videos for women. Surprise, surprise 🙄

Perhaps, this will avoid man-child (grown men that act like children) to stop asking women for threesomes.

Lets keep our fingers crossed for the future of real sex and intimacy not to fade away.

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