Help! Why can’t I stop Cyber Stalking my ex?

Have you ever wondered what compels us mere mortals to peek inside the lives of our ex’s on their social media pages?  Your heart drops when you see their dating status, new girlfriend pictures, or worst married.
According to experts we Cyber Stalk because we are still high on Oxytocin (love hormone), and Dopamine (lust neurotransmitter). After sex nature has a funny way of tricking us to fall in love.  If you sleep with the wrong man, or woman it can take up to one year to wean yourself off of this natural drug.  It’s the worst feeling because you crave them like a junkie needs a quick high.

Another theory according to Dr. Jennifer Freed says you are a narcissist. This person was a huge part of your life.  Even though he or she may be gone you still want to keep tabs as a means of self-preservation.  We are fascinated with ourselves. Our exes are parts of ourselves that we left in the past.  We are looking to keep our emotional tapestry intact. Looking backward is a way of digesting and metabolizing our lives and understanding our complex feelings about people we used to care for.

So next time you worry about your state of mind after you viewed over 80 images of your ex just know that it’s the drugs running through your veins as well as your need to heal.

Enjoy Memorial Day weekend everyone!


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