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The exotic car vending machine: Car dealer in Singapore creates a tower filled with Ferraris and Lamborghinis that are dispensed like snacks!

Who would have ever believed that an engineering company would create a 15 story exotic car vending machine.

Forget canned sodas, bags of chips and cookies – this 150-foot vending machine serves up a selection of high-end supercars.

In Singapore a luxury car dealership Autobahn Motors lets buyers choose from a selection of Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Bentleys at the push of a button.

The used car seller opened the futuristic 15-storey showroom in December, where up to 60 different cars can be held at any given time and moved from any of the slots to the ground floor in just two minutes.

You can use an app to bring the car down for a test drive.  Now that’s cool!

Perhaps, that’s the future of all cars in crowded cities.

I wish they create one for open parking lots as they are an eye sore in most heavly populated states.

Here’s the video link to preview:

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