How to let go

Yes, we made it friends!  A whole week sparkled by a couple of glorious days of summer weather here in lovely New York.

Many north-eastern dwellers go through the yearly ceremony of switching their winter wardrobe to spring and summer.  It leads us to ponder as we review our clothing why we purchased those bubble gum colored jeans we saw in a cute store on sale, or the tie that shall never be worn except at a private club.  As Oprah says “don’t wear clothes that don’t make you happy.”  If you have not worn a piece of clothing for over one season its time to get rid of it.

Letting Go

It’s hard for us mere mortals to let go of desires, goals, people and items.  In order to really get what you want you have to let go. By letting go you can control your reality with rational thought.  The thing you want you have to act and trick your mind like you already have it.  It allows you to create and rejuvenate instead of obsess.  You get clarity when you let go.  Surrender to fulfillment, which will either give you what you wanted, or something better.

Namaste 🙏🏼




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