Benefits of Bio Oil and Rose Water

After a mild winter in New York our skin is ready for some TLC.   My newest trick to keep at bay the pesky dryness is mixing Bio Oil with a cleanser followed by Rose Water toner.   If you are like me and use Retin A it can do a doozy on your face.

Here are the benefits:


  • It’s cheap $8-$12.00
  • Helps remove the appearance of acne scars
  • Smoothes out stretch marks
  • Adds moisture to dry skin
  • Helps tone aging skin


  • Hydrates tired and dry skin
  • Helps to tighten & constrict blood vessels to restore vessel and skin tone
  • Great for sensitive and aging skin
  • Antiseptic properties
  • Contains traces of vitamin C and E
  • Rich source of phytochemicals, including tannins. ¬†Tannins has astringent properties
  • Costs between $0.99-$20.75


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